Formaldehyde & Derivatives Safe-Products List?
CWVIII posted:
I'm taking care of an elderly relative who is very allergic to Formaldehyde and derivatives. Even exposure to minor amounts produces reactions she describes as worse than shingles.

Since she isn't a reactionary and both of us have had shingles.... damn.

Does anyone know of a link to a list of products which are formaldehyde and formaldehyde-derivative safe?

Also, could members please post additions/ problems about any list-links posted, and/or additional products which linked-lists leave out.

At this point, about all I've got is that "Tide Free & Clear" is the only mainstream laundry detergent that doesn't include derivatives. Please, if you don't know links, list anything you can think of that is safe too that you've discovered on your own.

Ideally, given how ghastly the symptoms of this allergy are, there ought to be either a link to a products list or our own list here.