Rash and tendon pain from antibiotic
SoManyMedQuestions posted:
I was taking Cipro and started noticing joint pain which got worse of the next day and then noticed a rash that looks like red freckles, not bumps, all over my legs. After stopping the antibiotics the tendon pain has decreased some but the rash hasn't changed. I'm wondering how long it should take the tendon pain to heal and if and when this rash might go away. Thanks for the help!!!
choo_chu responded:
You probably already figured it out, but I had bad joint pain when I took Levoquin for a sinus infection. I only took it for 3 days, due to the joint pain, before my doctor switched me to Biaxin. The joint pain was gone about 2 days after stopping the Levoquin.
SoManyMedQuestions replied to choo_chu's response:
Thanks!! My rash went away too!!