Eye bags - does it ever go away?
DaveChapelle posted:
I am wondering if anyone had under eye bags for extended periods (like several months) and then have it go away, either with treatment or naturally? [br>[br>Please note I am not talking about the temporary morning puffiness from lack of sleep or too much drinking/partying, those can be remedied by short term solutions like cold compress, tea bags, cucumbers, etc. I have tried those and it doesn't work for me. [br>[br>What happened was about 3 months ago, all of a sudden I started getting under eye bags. I am perfectly healthy and just had a physical 6 months ago with clean bill of health. I exercise on a regular basis. I don't particular watch what I eat, but I got tested for food allergies and all came back negative. I sleep well, no problems. I do have minor stuffy/runny nose/sinus issues and itchy eyes once in a while, however it never bothered me much and please note I NEVER had puffy eye bags before. I am 32 years old.[br>[br>I went to the docs (dermatologist and also allergist) and asked if I was getting old and it's permanent thing...and if the eye bags are due to aging then why is it all of a sudden and not more gradual. They all laughed and said it's probably seasonal allergies, no big deal. I live in California and supposedly it's really bad this year. Doc prescribed dymista (alllergy med) and my sinuses have been super clear for 2 months now, never breathed better in my life. So my sinuses are good, however puffy eye still persist without any signs of diminishing. [br>[br>Since the puffy eye bags are the reason I went to the docs in the first place, I am getting worried that it will never get fixed. I definitely would want to avoid surgery if possible, especially since it's only been 3 months. [br>[br>So my question is, has anyone ever had puffy under eye bags, consistently for several months, and then have it go away completely? Or am I screwed and its here to stay? [br>[br>Thanks for all your help.