hard mucus in nose
OrangeandBlackBirds posted:
I don't know how else to phrase this, I have chronically hard boogers in my nose. I'm not saying this as a joke, it really bothers me. They don't come out when I blow my nose so I have to use a tissue pull up my nose and kind of "scoop" them out one by one.

I've only had this problem this year and last year, around the same time of year (spring and early summer), if I recall correctly.

This problem has caused me to wake up in the middle of the night several times in the past week with a severely stuffed up nose and an extremely dry mouth. I've taken to keeping a bottle of water by my beside for those middle of the night moments.

My best guess is that it's allergies, since I have other symptoms like sneezing and itchy eyes. But my nose hasn't been "running", I just have hard boogers. And up until I was 21 years old (when I first had an allergic reaction in a very dusty house) I never had any allergies at all.

So, do you think this is allergies? Do allergies sometimes manifest themselves in adulthood rather than childhood?