Latex Allergy
Anon_26169 posted:
Last night redness and stinging developed moments after putting on a Trojan brand "Sensations" condom. It is the first time my wife and I have ever used one and has been almost five years since we have used condoms at all. This morning the rash was still there and there was redness developing just above my pelvic area and just below my stomach. As the day progressed hives have developed on my arms, feet, and under my chest. My wife said it sounds like a latex allergy and said she remembers me getting very red after condom use when we were still in college. It sounds like a "type 4" reaction to the latex or possibly some other thing in the condom. I took some benadryl and the hives are less red but still very visible. What does it sound like to you? How long can I expect it to last? I am without insurance atm so please do not tell me to see a physician unless you are going to paypal the 350 for an office visit.