tickle in throat with sticky slimey clear mucus
letap posted:
please...someone help!.it starts with a tickle in my throat,proceeded by this discusting sticky gooey,slimey,foamiy clear mucus that drains in my throat causing terrible coughing,gagging,even have vomited.it seems to mainly accur at nite.i also have fluid in my ears.this has been an issue for 6 months now. ive tryed fonase,clariton,mucinex, but nothing seems to work.if someone out there has any knowledge of what could be causing this please respond!

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sticky, slimey clear throat phlem
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Vonnie007 responded:
I have the same symptoms. Tried those same remedies. Turned out to be Sudafed that did the trick. Only temporarily though. Generic at Walmart - $1.88 for 60 pills. Have to take a dose about every for hour though. Hope this helps! Let me know if you find something more prolonged.
Vonnie007 responded:
By the way, it's post nasal drip caused by allergies.