Symptoms of Environmental Allergies, but Tested Negative
An_253266 posted:
My two year old daughter, and now my one year old son, have suffered from the same seasonal allergy symptoms that my husband and I do since around six months of age. Runny nose, itchy, watery eyes, my daughter even does the 'allergy salute' because her nose itches so badly. There are weeks at a time in the spring when I have to stay at home with them because the daycare will not care for them when they are 'sick'. I know they are not sick, and I can't be taking that much time away from my job.

I have had my daughter tested twice now, once with a blood draw and once with a scratch test, and both tests were negative. Her symptoms, and the environment and activities surrounding her symptoms tell me that it is not a cold, but some sort of reaction to the environment. Every doctor I have seen swears that allergies do not develop this early, but I can't get her any relief. She is miserable. Is it true that allergies don't develop this early, or am I not seeing the right doctor? How can I help her get relief when allergy medications and antihistamines aren't working, so that she can be a normal child who plays outside with her friends?

Her brother is following closely behind, and I don't want him to have the same trouble she is having when his tests come back negative but he has the symptoms as well.