How long should I abstain from milk?
overground55 posted:
I have what I have come to believe is post nasal drip for over a year now, although it hasn't been confirmed by any medical specialist. I am constantly snorting, hacking and coughing throughout each day. every once in a while I'll cough up these stinky white balls that I believe are called tonsilloliths. some days it seems slightly worse than others, but every day for over a year now I've suffered with this. My question is how to go about handling this. I feel as though it might be I have an allergy to lactose, but I fear the thought of giving up all milk products. What should I do? Should I give up milk to see if thats the cause of my problems? How long must I give it up to know whether its the cause? What if it is the cause? Is there some sort of way I can better handle milk products if they are causing this problem? Thank you to anyone who can share their advice on this matter.
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First of all, you need to go see your doctor about this. Second of all, it doesn't sound like a dairy allergy. You would have more symptoms and I doubt that post nasal drip is one of them. I have that from year round allergies, which include dust, dander, mold, weeds, etc.

I am going through an allergic reaction myself, which may be to dairy, but I am experiencing rash, itching on hands and feet, abdominal pains, diahhrea, etc. I think you would be experiencing those kinds of symptoms if you might be allergic to dairy products. I am on Prednisone for it along with a topical anti-fungal/corticosteroid combination as well.

I know some people who automatically assume that a food allergy is happening, when it could be something as simple as dust. The ONLY way to find out is to go to your doctor. Trust me, you don't WANT a dairy allergy. It's NOT fun.