EYE SWELLING caused by Pain Killers
roxzie88 posted:
I badly need HELP! Please anyone. Thanks

I experience EYE SWELLING when taking pain medications.It is very alarming because its like im allergic to all pain killers except for Paracetamol & Mefenamic Acid and it needs to be the GENERIC ones. Any other preparations especially combined drugs seems to get my eyes swell really bad. Its puffy & itchy & usually goes away when I take antihisamines. Yes it does go away after a day or 2 but it takes a day or 2 to get rid of the swelling It doesn't feel or look good and I have to come to work.

The list of Pain Killers I am allergic so far:
Ibuprofen, Flanax, Ponstan Forte, Advil, Alaxan, diclofenac

I am worried because this drugs are commonly used OTC drugs for pain and I am allergic to it. I am not sure anymore which one is safe!

I need advise of which drugs is SAFE to use other than Paracetamol & Mefenamic. Please help me! Thank you.