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Chronic Hives
jillianf52 posted:
Wow...first of all thank you to everyone who has posted.

I've been to 5 different doctors and all over the internet trying to find help.

I've had hives every single day for the past 210 days.
There was 2 separate 2 days spans where they did not appear.

I'm determined to figure this out.

I've tried completely reducing my stress levels.
Changing my diet (I'm on week 5 of gluten free).
I've done a food diary to try and find triggers.
We've went on a 7 day vacation out of state to find out if its something in my environment.
Almost completely cutting out alcohol.
Accupuncture for the past 5 weeks.

Its completely random when they come. Sometimes waking me up in the middle of the night but come all throughout the day. Very rarely in the morning.

I'm 30 years old. This has been so horrible some days I sob (and itch like crazy) as I wait 25 minutes for the benedryl to kick in.

I can instantly feel it hit once it kicks in...a really slow relief moving all over my body and instantly taking them away!

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for quite a few years and after 3 cycles of Clomid earlier this year the hives started. I was determined it was from the Clomid. 4 months later I wasn't so sure and started looking for other answers.

Interestingly Vitamin D levels were low prior to hives starting. Haven't had them checked recently but after reading these posts tonight I'm starting 10,000IU's today.

I'm 5 weeks into Gluten Free diet and seeing 0 results. Although everything online with diet changes said it can take up to 6 weeks before you see changes. I've had a gastroenteroligist test me for Celiacs (it was negative).

I've tried to cut out foods with high histamine levels...I read online a woman from UK did this after years with hives and it fixed it! Berries, spinach, red wine, many foods are high in histamines its so hard.

Accupuncture (with the cupping) and herbal drink Accupuncturist gave me helped for 2 full days.
I've been back to accupuncture several times since (just needles no cupping) and it's not helping at all.

I've been to skin and disease doctors. They just think it's "ok" for me to take 2 benedryl every day forever...totally crazy!

As I google chronic dehydration and hives starting today I'm going to drink much more water. By nature I'm NEVER thirsty and drink very little water. I drink moderate amounts of alcohol and 2-3 cups of caffeine daily which I'm reading are horrible if you are "chronically dehydrated". I just read it takes 2-4 weeks before you "rehydrate".

I've also more recently noticed ear popping in my right ear sometimes right around the time the hives start.

I also have had a numb tongue on and off for well over a year now..maybe almost 2. I've had all sorts of tests ran and they all check out and say eveyrhting looks great.

I will post if I see relief with extra water intake & taking more Vitamin D.

Good luck to everyone on here. Keep trying until you figure it out! Talk to you soon!
deluxehd responded:
I'd like to suggest you get an ELISA blood test. It looks for delayed sensitivity to many items. This is how I found out about my latex allergy. I don't get hives often but once thought they were from hormone changes. Obviously that shouldn't be an everyday occurrence.

Good luck in getting answers and I hope you feel better.

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