High eosinophil count for a 6 year old boy
rong69 posted:

Our 6 year old son has drooling problem from time to time, and everybody thought it was due to his low muscle tone. His GI doctor ordered a series of blood tests and the eosinophil count came back high. The doctor recommended endoscopy for the next step which requires anesthesia. Our son just had anesthesia for another reason two days ago, and we would hate to let him do it again. Other than occasional seasonal allergy, he is a very healthy boy. But he is very interested in food, any kinds of food, and always has great appetite. When he eats, he always has his mouth overfull, and does not chew carefully. We had thought again it is due to his low muscle tone but now we are wondering if there is another reason. My questions are:

1. For his age and symptoms, what are the possible reasons for this high eosinophils count?

2. Other than the endoscopy, is there any alternative ways to treat this problemt?

3. Could his eating habit relate to the high eosinophil count?

Thank you very much!