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Candidia/Phlegm post nasal drip
alvis1 posted:
Hello, Alan is my name I just found this thread I to have problems I am a singer here is my story in a nutshell[br>1. constant postnasal drip (tried ALL meds only one that helps is Pred. don't want to do that)[br>2. saw a homeopath said I was over run with candidia - taking Lugo's iodie drops 2 a day last 2 weeks (he recommended 20!)[br>3. had all my blood work Doc. said best readings he has ever seen me have[br> July had a giant nasal wart removed from my sinus cavity been about 3 months now and all these sinus issues are worse no matter when I am home or not? ENT just saw me for follow up doesn't appear LPR is culprit (had stomach wrap in 2000 for reflux still taking 60 mg of Dexilant a day and now 2-3 carafte (seems to help) I will be singing and have an urgency to burp at times don't know what that's all about ? but my false settle voice is all screwed up I can't make it work? any help would be appreciated)[br>5. I am very worried because this is my livelihood(am seeing someone for stress)[br>6. I am on Flagyl 1000mg (antibiotic since 1997 for a medical condition only med that works) I am sure that is causing the Candidia because I have had it checked when the doc checks out my stomach they always find yeast infection tring to counter that with probiotics again any help would be great also for muscle spasms in my throat unknown origin? ENT muscle tension???[br>7.before this surgery other then breathing problems I sneezedmy head off BUT never had the problems I am having now I have inflamed lymph nodes in my neck BUT Doc. said he isn't to worried about that because they come and go the one has been bigger then normal for years? I dye my hair could this be the cause (black L'Oreal dye) anyway also found out I have forward head posture and working on correcting that (ears ring and make a running water type sound now for years could be yeast?)

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smoking main cause for it, stop it problem will go
my name is Ahmad and i am 37 years old. I visited different ENT's, got CTSCAN and even checked myself with dozen chest doctors. I am ... More
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