Allergy Non-Stop
cpappalardo3 posted:
I have had allergy issues since 1997. It depends on where I live, the severity and length. I have had more drugs than I can name. I have moved to different states, regions, and it is just getting worse. I am now a shut-in, with little hope of recovery. I cough up blood, and rarely sleep more then several hours at a time. I am only forty nine and just wish to die. I wish there was something to help me.
biancalthompson responded:
I am sorry to hear that your in that bad a shape

What all are you allergic too?

Can you take more than one allergy medicine for your symptoms?
deluxehd responded:
Your story sounds similar to mine. My health changed for the worse when I was exposed to interior mold from a water damaged building. I developed so many allergies/sensitivities and other numerous health issues. I had to quit my job and have spent the last 5 1/2 yrs trying to find answers to my health problems. My asthma is triggered by: latex, nitrile gloves, fabrics, plastics, medications, foods, woods, metals, environmental issues, fragrances, etc. In October 2013 I was finally diagnosed with mold illness and have started the first step in the treatment protocol. The doctor feels that I may lose most of my strange sensitivities but only have a 5% chance of gaining any foods back. I have 12 foods I can eat without a reaction. I will always have the latex allergy.

I hope this helps you some to know that there are others out there similar to you. If you would like to research mold illness, check out