allergy to band-aids and medical tape
laurielu11 posted:
This allergy has become a real nuisance and hinders wound healing. It is terribly itchy and raw. What can I cover my wounds with that doesn't break me out? I am assuming that there is something in the adhesive that is the culprit. I am allergic to lanolin and Nickel.
deluxehd responded:
Maybe you are sensitive to latex in the band-aids and tape or are you using latex free band-aids and medical tape? I have a latex allergy and even the latex free tapes sometimes cause a reaction.
biancalthompson responded:
Could be the adhesive or the latex

Try fabric Band-Aids or telfas with a self adhering wrap.

You might see if you can get something called skin-prep from a pharmacy, it will help protect your skin from the adhesive.

good luck.