chronic ear/nasal congestion
will_t posted:
Hi there. I'm a 26 y/o male and since I was a kid I've had issues with ear infections and had ear tubes put in at a young age. In recent years I've had trouble hearing due to ear and nasal congestion. I've gone to my physician a few times and he usually gives me an antihistamine to take, which helps a little, but my ears never feel fully unplugged.

Recently I had a cold which made it worse and now I can barely hear out of either ear and have also become easily fatigued. I've tried taking long showers and using ear wax softening drops every few days but not much seems to come out (although I do hear the crinkling). If i try to hold my nose and blow I can't feel any air come out of my ears either. Would this be outer or inner congestion?

I'm seeing my doctor again this week, but I was hoping there might be some home remedies I could try before hand. I've read about netipots and ear candles to breathing in water with salt/mint leaves and warming a sock full of rice! Any help would be much appreciated!