Random itchy places
scratchyitchy posted:
For the last three days I´ve been experiencing random itchy areas.left thigh´ then right foot ankle area´ the hip area. Not in the same order but very intense itching. No bumps or discoloration or anything noticeable. I have not started any new meds or anything else. No new soap, nothing. The itching is very intense. Any suggestions,?
biancalthompson responded:
Sorry to hear your having problems with random itchy patches. Not all itching is going to be an allergy, sometimes our clothing or even the bedding can rub at our skin causing some irritation. Dry skin can crop and make us itchy in weird areas. I would try things like lotion or hydrocortisone cream and see if that helps with the itching.
scratchyitchy replied to biancalthompson's response:
hydrocortisone cream seems to have done the trick. it has gone away. thank you very much.