Am I allergic to my period?
An_255474 posted:
Hi. I'm a 19 year old female, will be turning 20 soon. I'm relatively healthy and I have my menstrual cycle every month like an average woman. However I have a small concern. Whenever my period begins it feels as though I have a rash down in that area. Sometimes there is a burning itch and it can be quite uncomfortable at times. There are times when it is unbearable. I am not sexually active at all so I know it's no STD. And it is not a yeast infection. I am unable to use tampons so I wear pads and I thought that maybe I could be irritated by the pads I wear so I've changed the type and brand several times but the irritation is still there. This irritation is ONLY present when I am on my cycle. And it lasts how ever long my cycle lasts. Sometimes I rub petroleum jelly in the area and it alleviates the discomfort a little but I am still concerned as to why it becomes irritated when my cycle begins. Can someone please help?
1whippet responded:
When I had my menstrual cycles, sometimes I felt an irritation down there similar to my nose feeling irritated. Told doctors for years about this, they were men & thought I was making it up. The irritation got worse during pollen allergy season & had my period. What brought relief - Vasigil cream, soaking my body in tub water with baking soda. The first female gyn doctor I saw told me that the change in hormone levels during my period, especially during allergy season, would give me a runny nose, irritation. Taking benedryl, later I now take Allegra, helps.