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Help! I have horrible chronic thick phlegm
beejusbeenme posted:
Does anyone else SUFFER with horrible thick phlegm? I do have many autoimmuine disorders that may play a role IDK? I've been to 9 Drs. since it started last yr and it's NO better. It is so bad I have to always have a bag handy to spit in, when I'm driving etc. I get a rush of "yuck" while eating and have to go spit. I obviously can't ever go out to eat. Is there something I can buy that can suck this thick disgusting yuck out of my throat? It chokes me sometimes and I have these "fits" where I can't stop trying to expel whats stuck until I finally get it out. I have to use qtips and tweezers sometimes to help me get it out. The consistency is anywhere from jello or jelly to formed chunks. This is a constant challenge day after day.Is there anything I can buy that will suck out very thick sticky mucus stuck down in my throat? I hate to wake up in the morning since sleeping is the only relief I get! I hope someone out there can help, it's ruining my life!
bibi1049 responded:
All my sympathies are with you because I suffer the same!

I don't know for certain but you might want to consider what I have learned in my own case. It would seem that I am intolerant to all dairy products. I have recently learned that milk and milk products can cause excess mucous in the lungs. You might want to consider omitting these things from your diet to see if you have any improvement.

Hope this helps and clears us both from this horrible condition!

I have only just started this regimen myself but will report back if I see any improvement.
aladya responded:
I've had the same problem with coughing up clear phlegm every few minutes 24/7 for almost 10 years. Figured out that whenever I warm up, the coughing stops immediately. For example, it stops while I'm drinking hot liquids. Most of my doctors haven't been much help because when the nurse or PA measures my temp at 96.8, they write 98.6 in my records, and when the doctor comes in s/he has no clue. If drinking hot liquids works, reply and I can let you know the other things my doctor and I did to fix it.
beejusbeenme replied to bibi1049's response:
Thank you so much for your reply! I'm lactose intolerant and have not had it in almost 30yrs. but thank you so much and I sure hope you find answers too!
beejusbeenme replied to aladya's response:
It doesn't sound like we are suffering with the same challenges. I drink warm tea with honey, it soothes my throat and actually helps a little, makes it easier to take my meds at least! Thank you for your response!

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