Possible cat allergy?
malsue88 posted:
We recently got a long-haired kitten, and though he was in our house for a few weeks before I noticed any symptoms, I'm wondering if I am allergic to him.

It started with typical seasonal allergy symptoms - itchy throat, dry mouth, itchy eyes, sneezing, etc. - but the past few days I have been randomly getting lots of small itchy bumps on the backs of my hands and the inside of my forearm. When the bumps occur, my throat gets very itchy, my chest feels strange, and I cough a lot - what my (asthmatic) uncle described as an "asthma cough" when he heard it.

Here's a picture of my arm, as the bumps are much smaller than any other hives I've ever had. Also, one time, after the bumps were gone, tiny purple dots appeared in their place. Like, pinpricks of broken blood vessels, almost.

Could this be a cat allergy? Or does it sound like something else?

Thank you!