swollen lips!
mommy_o_two posted:
Over four years ago, I received juvaderm xl, was not my first time!! Post 30 minutes of injection, my lips swelled to the point of busting open, became white from edema, couldn't even close them. I was given pain meds, antihistamine (zantac), benadryl, prednisone and I think that is it... it went away with three days ( the swelling was so severe my lips disconnected from my gum area)
Glutton for punishment, the surgeon gave me a free injection- i was not allergic to this (had it done for past few years and nothing like this has happened before)
Up until three weeks ago I have not had any symptoms of swelling until then- i was driving from Houston to denver with my 3 year old.. and stopped to get fuel, noticed I had a "knot" on my left lower gum line.. Thinkin it was grapes I had just eated, called my husband- was kinda short of breath n I was swelling... paid for fuel n lady thought I had had my wisdom tooth pulled- swelling was that quick.. by a hour my lips were both swollen, side of my face had so much angioedema was goin up to my eye. Had to drive 2 more hours to hospital- by this time they had bused both vertical/ horizontal. 10 mg morphine ? Mg dilaudid, solumedrol 10 omg benadryl didn't touch it. Begged just to knock me out from the pain - they kept getting bigger and bigger. Busted inside apart in my mouth- finally stopped n swelling went down-5 hrs later.
A week ago had small swelling to middle upper lip- took 150 mg benadryl went down
Today woke up and left side upper lip semi swollen n also my chin!
My jaw has been in discomfort for bout 2 months when I open it.. but have been on bactrim as well. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP! I HAVE BEEN TO THREE DR AND A DENTIST! NO IDEA. I DONT SMOKE/CHEW TOBACCO, WORK OUT 2HRS DAY 6 days a week. Drink at least 3 liters of water a day. Eat pretty good/healthy. I'm at my wits end. It's embarrassing and has not become more occurring (3 times in three weeks- two within 3 days) yes I'm stressed but who isnt- I'm on the waitlist for grad school (NP) Been a nurse since 2001- have never seen this before ever!! Help please! God bless and thank u