Swollen Lips
An_258795 posted:
I started experiencing swollen lips about 5 months ago and it's been an ongoing thing. Not only does it look horrible but it's scary too. First my lip starts to itch, then tingle then the swelling begins. I was getting my nails done at a salon (shellac nails) and was told by someone that the chemicals in the shellac nail polish sometimes caused an allergic reaction (lips swelling) - so I stopped and the swelling stopped - until this morning - another swollen upper lip - my scalp was itchy too - it always happens in the morning - the only thing I can even remotely relate it to today is: I opened a new deodrant (one I've been using for years) and handled some granny smith apples (apples had NOT been washed) - I'm thinking maybe pesticides on the apple caused it?? I have taken Benadryl but all it does is make me want to sleep. Has anyone else had this happen with handling unwashed apples?