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Poultry allergy-make throat swollen
RJG0101 posted:
Sometimes when I eat Chicken or Turkey, only after a couple of swallows, it becomes very difficult to swallow. My throat swells internally and does not allow anymore food or water down. I never have a problem breathing, but feel like a beach ball is trying to come up my throat. This usually ends with me regurgitating a small amount of chewed chicken. But it is not vomit. My stomach is never affected. Once the chicken or turkey comes back up, everything is fine. no affects at all. Surely someone has heard of this thing and can help me understand what is happening. Thank you for your time.
Aqua14 responded:
If these are your only symptoms, it does not sound like food allergy. Rather, it sounds like something a GI doctor would deal with -- narrowing of the esophagus (food tube) or esophageal spasm are the things that come to mind. You could post your situation on the GERD board here and see if anyone has any ideas, or you could simply get it assessed by your doctor, who will refer you to a specialist if needed.

Hope this helps. Judy
TrudyGERD responded:
I have to disagree as to whether or not it sounds like a food allergy. If you get this symptom every time you eat specific foods then that's VERY typical of a food allergy. Symptoms of food allergies won't always be typical allergic reactions such as hives or breathing problems. With food allergies, you could get GI symptoms like you're describing.

The only treatment for food allergies is to avoid that food.

Because it happens with both chicken and turkey, tread very carefully when trying things like duck, quail, pheasant, ostrich or other birds. You may be ok with them, but you may have a reaction.

If it doesn't happen every time, you want to start keeping track of things like brands (does it happen with Butterball but not Jenny O for instance) or is it only when you eat a bird that's been stuffed or ????? There could be some other common element. The reason you may react only to certain brands and not others is that most companies inject some kind of broth for added tenderness and flavour. This broth could include an ingredient that you're allergic to.
scottxx responded:
I have the same symptoms. My throat swells up, and then I can't breathe. Chicken and Turkey, both activate this, but for some reason Chicken is worse. Not sure why. I haven't tried any other poultry. I figured if Chicken and Turkey do this, then duck and others will have the same effects. I just want a freaking cure to this. Anyone know of any. A lot of resturants menu's are loaded with chicken. Very few options with Non-Chicken. Sucks.
hatmkr responded:
see that you posted this 6 years ago......i have developed this issue over the past year or so. extremely painful !!! chicken & turkey! have you found out more info?

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