allergic to human saliva
verowill posted:
my fiance just became allergic to my saliva says his doctor, he breaks out in a rash whenever i kiss him. I know people can be allergic to dog saliva but another human? is that possible? Could it be a reaction to my medication (pindolol). and is it possible that this reaction can go away?
TrudyGERD responded:
It seems crazy that he could be allergic to human saliva since he himself produces saliva and is exposed to it constantly. It's much more likely that he's allergic to something that you ingest. The allergist should be working with him to figure out his allergies. Once they're determined, you can both avoid the substances to which he reacts.
pelusitadered responded:
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Hi verowill,

Yes, it is possible that your fiance is allergic to your saliva. I became allergic to my Dh's saliva many years ago. Whenever he'd kiss my neck, I'd break out in itchy welts about the size of a quarter. This condition only lasted about six months or so. I still don't know what caused this reaction, except for the fact that we were both going through the stress of grieving after my Dh's Dad passed away. I hope that the same doctor that told your fiance this, would have given him some suggestions too? Your fiance could also try taking Benedryl. I hope that you both are able to figure out the cause of his allergy. ~kd
joel2009 responded:
I would like to comment.. I have been married for 12 years, and I have reactions to my wife's saliva. My reaction is pretty instant, and it is usually red, swollen, and itchy. This can happen pretty much any time of the day. I have only noticed it when her saliva is on my lips or my manly part (I hope that was appropriate), which swells up and becomes red and itchy too. I have done personal experiments, and concluded that it is indeed only when saliva comes into contact with me. The reaction is pretty much instant, but It takes about 30 minutes to an hour for the swelling to go away.

We both eat the same things, and do not show allergies to anything specific, and are fairly healthy. I have asked doctors about this in the past, and they just look at me funny. Next time, I will just bring my wife with me, and demonstrate... but honestly, I would love to know what is causing this... If anyone knows, I would love to know..

Stardust10 replied to joel2009's response:
Dear Joel2009,

I have been with my husband for 11 years now, and I only have an allergic reaction to his saliva when he kisses my skin. It's also instant, red itchy and burns. Sometimes just his stubble on his face, that can give me the same reaction.

Oddly enough, I have no reaction when we kiss on the lips...or other intimate areas.

It's nothing to do with diet or toothpaste etc. If someone knows anything or has any ideas, I would also like to know.
An allergist seems to be a good idea...maybe we'll try that next.

Thank you
adami80 responded:
So is the only answer for this allergy to take antihistamine, and did it finally og away? Read somewhere that it in many cases disappeares after awhile.
Have the problem that my GF react to my salive as well, will try to see if it helps With chaning what I eat. Already stopped with hairproducts and shaving gels and so forth...