Anyone allergic to polyester??
gram_me posted:
I have a severe allergy to polyester, polypropelene and a milder one to acrylic. I'm also allergic to wool and to feathers among other things. Just wondered if anyone had the poly allergist thought it was unusual but I have since met 2-3 others who are allergic.
daisyswimmer responded:
I'm allergic to polyester, too. I can't tolerate wool, either. Finding 100% cotton socks is a challenge, as is finding sweat shirts without polyester.
deluxehd replied to daisyswimmer's response:
I am sensitive to polyester and wool. Buster Brown makes a 100% cotton sock. They are thin but work. I believe Cottonique also makes 100% cotton socks. They may also have sweatshirts. Decent Exposures make 100% cotton clothing. Good luck.
daisyswimmer replied to deluxehd's response:
Thanks for the tips. I find 100% cotton socks at Walmart, but they only have black. I will check out the sites you suggest.
macpeters responded:
I'm allergic to polyester. Apparently it is common among Bakers and Hairdressers to be allergic to Benzoyle Peroxide and PPD - one of which is contained in polyester. I used to bake.

They used to have cotton socks at wallmart. Now I'm trying to find some online - but many companies mis-represent the fabrics - if they list them at all.