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    Are my swollen lips an allergy?
    swollenlips78 posted:
    What is up with my lips? I am a 29 year-old white male. For about a year now, I have had a strange development with my lips. About twice a month, one of my lips (usually the top) randomly starts to swell on one side or the other. Its always different, but it always starts at just one point somewhere on my upper or lower lip. There is no stinging or irritation. I just start to notice pressure, and part of my lip swells up. Sometimes it just swells a little and goes away. Sometimes it starts with one side of my upper lip and migrates around both lips, swelling just one portion at a time. It lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple of hours. Other than some redness, there is no strange discoloration. Having a scientific background, I have tested every variable I can think of assuming allergy. I am not eating anything new. I have taken away and added in every food, drink, chapstic, toothpaste, mouthwash, and face soap that I use and there is no correlation with any of these things. It just happens once every couple of weeks. I have never had any food allergies, and I didn't start regularly eating anything new in the past year. Thinking outside of allergies, I have been in a monogamous relationship for over 4 years, and my girlfriend has never experienced anything similar. There has never been an open wound associated with the swelling. It doesn't happen any more often when I am stressed or sleep deprived. I'm stumped. Any ideas?
    cfedack11 replied to vickievelvet's response:
    I had it happen to me just yesterday first time in 6 months its been going on for over a year on and off and yes it is annoying but I have found that I can't take things like Ibuprofin or aleve my lips will swell up but I had not taken any thing like that It may have been the onions i had at lunch you can become allergic to things all of sudden, here are some things that I have found that may help I haven't tried them yet but its worth a try Turmetic Powder, Fullers earth and water, Aloe vera gel, apply a tea bag when it swells put in in some warm water let it cool and apply it to the lip, and vitamin B Complex and C and I've heard something about warm compresses.
    GJacq726 replied to leedawson10's response:

    Hi. Does your mom have any heart issues? The swelling can also be caused by something related to heart troubles. Thought you might want to check.

    Good luck,
    ~ Jacqueline
    LatiSensei replied to poppy01606's response:
    Wondering if you are still having this problem 4 years later. My mother is experiencing the same thing and her right side of lips (both top and bottom) swell up after having the frozen brocolli & cheese dish by Smart Ones (a Fettucini Alfredo) with a parmesan sauce. Any luck so far? Any remedies?
    LatiSensei replied to cfedack11's response:
    Thank you for mentioning some natural remedies. My mom (84 years old) started having swollen lip problems in April this year. This morning at 3am I rushed over again as this is her third episode since. Once it was one side of her tongue and that was scary since it made it hard for her to breathe. Like most everyone else, she was placed on Claritin. She was on no other meds, except for Lipitor (for cholesterol) and was told to get off it. She has never had allergies to anything and is very healthy in general. There is construction going on in her senior citizen building so I thought it may be a chemical in the air. Also, as one of the writers here, (4 years ago) ate Birds Eye Brocolli and Cheese, I wrote to that person as my mohter had the frozen brocolli & cheese dish by Smart Ones (a Fettucini Alfredo) with a parmesan sauce. I'm in hopes to see if that person found that a pattern. I've asked mom to keep a food diary and am taking her to an herbalist today. Will try the Tumeric Powder and Aloe Vera from a plant I have. Oh, ice packs made her lip worse too (several mentioned this). Any more remedies, please keep me posted at

    Thanks everyone!
    cfedack11 replied to cfedack11's response:
    I have not tried the Turmetic powder or any of the other things I do take vitamin B and C but I also heard about Nettle it comes in a tea and the capsules so I started taking the nettle capsules 400 mg the stinging nettle and it worked really well until I ran out and I waited too long to get more and I started breaking back out my lips swelled and my the inside of my mouth swelled up on one side yesterday so I recomend the nettle just don't run out.
    tombeaubien replied to cfedack11's response:
    I think I figured out what may be causing these outbreaks of swollen lips. I've had the same thing happen to me about every couple of weeks to a month I would have an outbreak of swollen lips. Talked to alot of people and doctors and no one could tell me what it was and how to cure it. I'm 54 years old and nothing like this has ever happened to me before. So after alot of research I found out that most of the food in the stores is tainted with GMO's. ( genetically engineered organisms ) Go to and find out what foods are'nt contaminated! The one food I think causes my out breaks is Canola oil which over 80 percent of all crops is GMO. My outbreaks would accure after eating out where the restaurant uses canola oil to fry in. So if you really start looking you will find out that most prosessed foods will have Canola Oil in it, corn chips, salad dressings you name it. I stoped eating anything with canola oil and I have not had an outbreak since! Please try eating organic foods only and see if it works for you! Spread the word!!! Tell everyone!
    debitx responded:
    March 29 I first noticed my upper lip was swollen when I woke up. The previous afternoon I was in a minor car accident and thought I may have bit my lip. This continues to happen every morning. Thought it was my blood pressure med but found it still happened if I discontinued the meds. Some times the tip of my tongue is swollen. The degree of swelling varies, but is never gone totally. It gets a bit better as the day goes on, but at times is painful and always irritating. I talked to my GP and he has me taking Singular in the evening and Claritin in the morning, but no real change. I really want to figure this out...even asked my dentist to no avail. Benadryl makes me sleepy and didn't do much. Looking for any clues and especially a cure.
    tombeaubien replied to debitx's response:
    What does your diet consist of? If you are not eating foods that are not labeled NON-GMO or Organic than you should know that you are eating genetically modified foods. Doctors can give you drugs to cover up the symtoms but they wont give you a cure, because they don't know what the cause is. There are so many GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS out at the stores it's hard to find whole foods anymore! Canola Oil is GMO and it's in found in so many foods: chips, cereals, salad dressings, restaurants use it to fry in, just read the packages. My lips stoped swelling when I removed canola oil from my deit and all GMO FOODS. It's been months since my last outbreak. Don't be a guinea pig to see what happens when you eat genetically modified foods. Go to and see all the foods your eating that are GMO.
    Pictures of sheep with swollen lips and faces after eating GMO grain might help change your mind and LOOK into this problem of GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS - "GMO"
    Give it a try you will be gratful you did! Tom
    GJacq726 replied to tombeaubien's response:
    Thanks, Tom. I just looked up GMO Truvia corn and learned that the erythritol used in Truvia is made from GMO corn, which explains why the swelling went away when I stopped using it. Back to SweetLeaf!!
    Youthman329 replied to Aqua14's response:
    I have in the past had the same kind of reaction, but haven't had one in several months until this morning. I woke up in a rush to get to work. Didn't eat anything for breakfast because I was in such a hurry. I don't take any medications except 5mg of Crestor a day for High Cholesterol, which I also failed to do today for being in a hurry. I went to work; everything was fine. Then, about thirty minutes into being here, I had another reaction. I could feel my upper left side of my lip start swelling. I went to the restroom and tried to rinse my face with plenty of water in case it was some kind of surface allergy, but it didn't seem to help. I didn't come into contact with anything here (chemicals or such). I haven't changed anything in my normal diet, use of laundry detergent, or personal hygiene products. I still have it and it has been three hours now. Any suggestions?
    tombeaubien replied to GJacq726's response:
    Hey, keep looking at the ingredients in food and you will find many bi-products from GMO corn. They just give a different name for it and in your case "Erythritol". Hell they make vitamin C from corn. Read the ingredients! What sorce is it coming from? It's been said that over 80 percent of all corn crops, soy and canola is GMO. Take time and really look at what we are eating! Don't be the LAB RAT for GMO foods!
    liberty727 replied to tombeaubien's response:
    This past Spring ramdom lip swelling started with me too. Usually just half of one of the lips. Or top left and lower right, looks ridiculous.

    Just turned 41, no change in meds, food etc. Sometimes the swelling will occur after eating a certain food but it's not consistent. I even had the exact same eating habit for several days in a row and only one of the days will I see the problem.

    We did get a new dog in October 2010 but the swelling didn't start until 6 months after we got him. Also I don't get it every day so don't think it's the dog. It never occurs while sleeping but often shortly after waking up after not eating or drinking anything.

    My allergy med of Allegra D helps a lot. I take this as soon as the swelling starts and it stops it, but the swollenness hangs on for several hours even until the next day.

    Maybe a thyroid issue? I have been on synthroid for years so I'm not sure if that is it.

    I wish I had a solution instead of just symptoms to post.
    An_239549 replied to poppy01606's response:
    I'm having the same reaction after eating annies organic white cheddar and shells with some boiled broccoli added. I wonder if there's a correlation?
    logicraft responded:
    Hello, 38 year old asian male here from California. I consider myself to be healthy and probably a few lbs. over weight but that comes with the age thing. Exercise and meditation is in the daily regimen. Reading up and investigating this swollen lip thing, has lead me to this blog.

    It first happened about 4 and 1/2 years ago. It started out at the upper lip then migrated to the bottom lip. Thought maybe it was a food allergy like luncheon meat, as this was the only dietary change I had made at the moment. The swelling continued to the point of it looking exaggerated like some sort of clown suit apparatus. Almost completely blocking my nasal passages. At this point, the panic almost set in, and at the time did not have access to allergy pills. So I waited it out and in the morning in went away. There was no side effect like bruising or chapped lips.

    The next occurrence was about a year and a half ago. This one was easier to pinpoint as it seemed as if it were a food allergy. I had some spicy canned tuna that I was using for tuna salad. And read about in a blog somewhere that it could be that the fish that was canned had gone bad. So after about two occurrences of the same lip swelling I stopped eating the tuna fish all together. But today it has happened again. This has not happened since the tuna fish thing which was app. almost a year and half ago. This is the most random thing that has ever happened physically speaking. Taking an antihistamine and using a steroid cream helps me with the symptoms.

    Now as I type this my upper lip woke me up out of my slumber. The last thing I had eaten that was different was a vegetarian eggroll that was bought from a vendor. It could of been that the oil or some ingredient that was used was old and now this allergy reaction, I don't know.

    After taking a 12 hour allergy antihistamine allergy pill and using a steroid cream the swelling ceased and only the upper lip thankfully is showing signs. Usually it had been both of the lips.

    Just wanted to post my personal experience with this, as this seems to be a mysterious occurrence without any solid findings.

    I noticed also that hot and cold compresses do not seem to help. An allergy pill and steroid cream for me was the best solution thus far. Rest and no stress was a good factor in this experience also.

    On a personal level, I have not been in a serious relationship in a while so as to the sexual contact with others individuals is out of the scenario.

    The weather recently has been changing drastically with extreme heat and thunderstorms.

    Also thought maybe it was some sort of bug bite that was giving me an allergic reaction.

    We have dogs as house pets. They are cleaned regularly.

    Washing my bedding and cleaning regularly is a must in this household.

    Any help would be great.
    FatLip11 replied to hereisit's response:
    Interesting, I am in the same situation as everyone else (top lip left half). I am 55 years old and I have never had allergies before. I do not take any medication. I did eat some smoked salmon for dinner that was leftovers from a package I bought a few days ago. It is a bit scary

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