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Can food allergies go away?
Terri14875 posted:
About 5 years ago, I was diagnosed with food allergies. I have avoided the foods that I am allergic to since that diagnosis. The other day a family member made chip did that I thought I could have. I had about 5 chips with dip before I was told that the dip had an ingredient in it that I am allergic to. Fortunately for me I didn't have a reaction, but it makes me wonder if it is possible to be allergic to something for a few years and than not be. Has anyone had this happen?
Atopmom responded:
My DD has food allergies. I have heard that kids can outgrow many allergies - milk, egg, name a few. The "big ones" - peanut, fish, tree nut, etc. - I think you are less likely to out grow those... An allergy test will be the only way to know. FWIW, Stephanie
daproswife responded:
shes right my 5 year old son has several food allergies milk,soy,and,egg were 3 of the multiple food allergies that he has and he know its all of them with no problem but hes peanut allegry we were told that there is a very silm chance that he will every grow out of it but she is correct the only way to truely find out is to be tested again by doing the rast test instead of the test where you get stuck all over
GMAELLEN responded:
Not that I know of. You must avoid eating the foods that make you sick. I am alergic to SOY. Long ago I thought it was only MSG -- which I now know is a SOY product. I have had bouts of Astma attacks not knowing the cause. My husband and I have been eating lots of easy to prepare frozen dinners. They are loaded with SOY. I ended up getting phenumonia. When I shop at the grocery store I am amazed with the products containing SOY. Breakfast cereal, pancake mix, cake mix, canned tuna fish, some peanut butters, even V8splash drink and lemonaide. I could find no mayonaize without SOY nor could I find 100% Whole Wheat bread without SOY. SOY is a recent ingredient in the American food chain. The FDA approved it, so food processors went to town putting the cheap filler into our foods. SOY is not poison, it just interfears with our endoctrine and autoimmune system, causes hypthyroidism (which I also have). I am saying "GOOD BYE" to SOY.
annamae5270 responded:
I was diagnosed with numerous food allergies 2 months ago and am having a hard time finding any varieties of food that are safe. I am allergic to wheat, dairy, yeast, peanuts, as well as having allergies to trees, bees and grasses. I am 57 years old and had major health issues last year that put my body in a compromised immune system. I was told that because of all the antibiotics and the anesthesias given during my mini-stroke, heart surgery and spinal fusion it compromised my immune system. So now I have to stay away from all those food categories and also take weekly allergy shots. It's very hard to stay upbeat during this time. I hope someone answers your question as far as food allergies going away. My allergist said to stay off all allergic food for at least 6 months and slowly add a new food group. Then after 4 days of not having a reaction to try another food group. Good luck!
coughy16 responded:
If you were diagnosed by a skin test or blood test, they are not as accurate for foods as they are form other allergens, and you could have had a false positive reaction. Have you had symptoms when eating these foods in the past?
Lenard_Poon responded:
Yes. I had latex alleries for over 15 years, also related to tomato/kiwi/bananas. So, I avoided all those foods unless I just had to have a pizza or some ketchup with my fries. Even the smell of a ketchup bottle in a fast food restaurant would start the reactions. Then December 2009, I accidentally had some pizza and surprisingly did not have a reaction. I subjected myself to large doses since and still no reactions. I'm 50. It's great I can enjoy so many foods again, but I'm perplexed and am still looking for an answer.
lozano555 responded:
same thing happened to me yesterday. I have had wheat bread allergies, and other foods, for 4 years now, and yesterday i ate like 4 slices of wheat bread and nothing has happened yet. Not even a slight scratch or itch on my throat, which is supposed to close up.

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