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    random itchy bumps
    rcitrowske posted:
    Hi, I have been having this problem for about 2 weeks now. I have been developing small itchy bumps all over my body. They appear as a single bump. Not in clumps or a rash form. They are very small and very itchy. It's driving me crazy! I looked at some pictures of hives and that is not what I have. They appear all over my body: arms, legs, butt, stomach, and back. Mostly on my legs and arms. A relative of mine said it could be from stress. I haven't changed my laundry use or anything. My usual eating habits and such have not changed either. I would really like if someone could help me with this.

    thanks and in need
    aalvord13 responded:
    Hi, I'm so glad to read your post, I hope you get this, because I have what seems like the same problem and I'm wondering what you found out! All other posts on many sites are different than my problem. Small, very itchy, random, new ones day after day.

    What did you figure out?? I've thought of so many things and am waiting for it to go away...did yours finally leave???

    aalvord13 responded:
    Dang, just noticed you also just posted today! No solution for me....

    i've thought of bed bugs, but i'm in a new place now and still getting them. poison ivy, not single bumps. hives or rash? aren't they usually not so itchy, or more clustered? fleas - I haven't seen any and it's been 2 weeks. Mine look like poison ivy bumps in that they seem like a bubble. Do yours? What part of the country are you in?

    Maybe we can figure it out.
    merarn responded:
    hey did any of you get any resolution to this? i've had this problem for four months now, gets better, comes back, never truly goes away. got better with cream from a dermatologist but it was a steroid and i had to give it up. over the last week my nutritionist suggested i cut out tomatoes, chocolate and berries to see if it's any of those. it seems to be getting better but i'll know more in the upcoming weeks. would love to find out if any of you have had any resolution or diagnosis. thanks!
    buddy0520 responded:
    shoot... there's a good doctor somewhere on this website... anti fungal... i also read viral infection and using antibiotics... if in and around crack... and spread... usually misdiagnosed as scabbies.... heat rash... oh yeah... people claim diet... and getting blood work... but kind of skeptical... because these itchy bumps appeared after 30 years... also read correlation with jock itch... again antifungal...???
    BONNERKANE responded:
    Did you find out anything or get a diagnosis? My friend's daughter has had this for about 2 years. Many doctors, dermatologists, tests, etc and nothing yet...
    ZakTSK responded:
    I have the same thing I just got them recently from sleeping over a friends house it could be a flea or something I live in New England. I need to get rid of them there annoying and what will the ladies think? these things aren't attractive and if you scratch them they get bigger

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