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My allergies are stronger than zyrtec!
srsmithtx posted:
I've been taking Zyrtec for a month to ward off allergy symptoms but today I have them all-sneezing, runny nose, sore throat from drainage.

Should I switch to Claritan or other med?

Should i add something like Mucinex?

Or quit taking Zyrtec and take something to treat the symptoms?

Please help!
sgbl88 responded:

If Zyrtec isn't working, then Claritin won't. It is a weeker medicine. My allergist compares it to taking a placebo.

It is that time of year. Pollen count here today was in the high range. Gotta love those spring pollenating trees.

You could try calling your dr for a prescription antihistimine, nasal steroid or nasal spray antihistimine. Nasal steroids work very well, but they are most effective when started 2 weeks before the season starts. You could also talk to your pharmacist about other OTC allergy options.

There is a gel that you put on the edges of your nostrils that is supposed to atract allergens and keep them from entering your nose. I am interested in knowing if that really works. it sounds good in theory.

Mucinex is used to thin mucus, which it sounds like yours is pretty thin already.

Sinus rinses are very helpful if you are outdoors for a while and then go inside.

I hope that helps you.

Aqua14 replied to sgbl88's response:
I'd generally agree with Sonya. Be aware that many of us with allergies take several anti-allergy medications to control allergy symptoms, and sometimes our doctors recommend that we increase the dosages of those medications during our worst allergy seasons. It's best to see your doctor and have him examine you and prescribe or recommend what additional medications to add to the Zyrtec. There is also a stronger prescription derivative of Zyrtec called Xyzal that many people find very helpful if Zyrtec isn't strong enough; perhaps your doctor would have samples that you could try.

I totally agree with Sonya on the saline sinus rinses; they are remarkably helpful.

Unfortunately sometimes you just have to practice strict allergen avoidance by staying inside on those high-pollen days -- or you could wear an N95 rated mask when venturing outdoors, which would protect your nose & lungs from the onslaught of pollen and minimize symptoms. (You might still have eye symptoms, however.)

Hope these thoughts help, and hope you feel better soon. Judy
Christistheonlyway777 responded:
Hello, try a sublingual homeopathic remedy. This is similar to getting immunotherapy with shots but is applied in drops sublingually (under the tongue). I use Allergena. I think there might be other brands out there. They are made specifically to the area (zone) you live in.They have drastically reduced my allergy symptoms to trees, grasses and weeds.

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