An_190802 posted:
sick & tired of feeling sick & tired, I asked my doctor for some advice. she told me to gargle with warm salt water everyday. i keep a container of salt, a small cup and a plastic spoon in my bathroom. a teaspoon of salt in the cup, fill it with water when I get in the shower, stir it all up and gargle a mouthful everytime I tip my head back under the shower spary. i have noticed a huge improvement (meaning decrease) in the amount of crud in the back of my throat since i've added this to my morning routine. the result is less gunk in my thorat, less clearing of my throat, less sore throats due to too much drainage. over all i feel better and would recommend giving it an honest try, like say for a week or two. the salt container is only about fifty cents and usually last about a year, so what have you got to lose?
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