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acheron72 posted:
in May of 2009 chronic urticaria became part of my life. Testing, testing, testing and more testing revealed nothing that doctors considered out of the ordinary. I was sent to an allergist and began taking all types of histamine blockers. No effect. The only thing that helped at all was steroids but this doctor would not give me any more. Too damaging he said. After leaving this doctor and starting with a dermatologist, the first thing he did was give me a shot of kenalog to ease my suffering. He started me on sulfasalazine and after a month the hives started to resurface. I caught the flu and ended up in the hospital for extreme dehydration. Seeing the sulfasalazine was not working my dermatologist started me on nifedipine. The urticaria went away. In May of 2010 the dose was cut in half and in August I came off of all medications. I've been free of urticaria since shortly after I had begun taking the nifedipine. For me I think it was a lifesaver.
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