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    Allergy tips I learned to get rid of IBS, migraine headaches, swollen joints
    Pat5002 posted:
    I found out that my reaction to fruits and vegetables was from sulfites spayed on foods to preserve them Sometimes it amounts to brushing the produce real well while rinsing them, taking the peel off, and also asking a store what their policy is for sulfites on produce. Even organic has sulfites sprayed on them. You must ask about this. One must watch for all of the foods that have this.

    Please look up "Sulfite Allergy". Find out the foods that must be avoided. I have had to cut a ton of foods out of my diet. The pay off is that I feel a million times better. Watch for problems with packaged foods... frozen, canned, cellophaned, etc. Learn what words are used to indicate the presence of sulfites in foods. Trader Joe's was enormously helpful with their policies on sulfites on foods. Very little of their produce has sulfites.

    I also had an allergy to annatto (a yellowing agent) in cheese. My IBS symptoms went away when I stopped eating annatto and foods with sulfites. All of a sudden, I was well and no IBS after at least 15 years of it.

    I have arthritis and attributed all of my discomfort to that. I was tested and had a severe allergy to gluten... wheat, rye, and barley. Approximately 2 months after getting off of all gluten, I was amazingly better!!! Fluid came off of my joints. I move easily now.

    I had migraines for 50 years. I just found out that my allergy to red dye #40 was causing me to have migraines. I eliminated the red dye from medications, beverages, and foods and like a miracle, my migraines are gone!

    At first I felt deprived with many foods having to be cut out of my diet. That lasted a very short time. My trade off was that I now get to feel wonderful by avoiding my allergens.

    I hope this helps people. I am sad that it took a life time to find someone (allergist) who really knew what they were doing that could help me feel wonderful! I hope that you find your problem quickly.
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    deluxehd responded:
    Hi Pat5002,
    Thank you for your post and I can relate. I have been having issues with glutens and sulfites for 3 yrs. Maybe longer. But recently started alternative medicine and the dr has been able to help so much and understand more. I definitely relate to the diet change and recently we have been able to start adding foods back in my diet.

    So glad to hear you found the right dr and that you are getting better.
    Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Late to the discussion, but also so glad that you shared this, Pat and that you are doing better as well, Debbie!

    However, I wanted to point out these two articles to you both to maybe go over with your allergists as well as your grocers... I would love to hear what each of them say!

    According to this Allergies and Sulfite Sensitivity Overview , "In 1986, the FDA banned the use of sulfites on fruits and vegetables that are eaten raw, such as lettuce or apples. Regulations also require manufacturers who use sulfites in their processed products to list the compounds on their product labels." The article is great because it does contain a list of the items that are known to regularly contain sulfites, so I would love to hear how these affect you both.

    Then, check out this Top 12 Pesticides article next, which lists by score, the foods with the most and least of these toxins. Does it seem that it is sufites or pesticides that are affecting you? What does your doctor say? What does the grocer say about these regulations that were passed on sulfites?

    I wish you both the best of health and happiness and look forward to hearing more! Take care.
    The difference between an itch and an allergy is about one hundred bucks. - Anonymous

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