Natural Remedy Miracle
fieldTech007 posted:
Dont be fooled my doctor reccomended medications. Nature provides everything we need.
For example, different combinations of Cinnamon and Honey help cure all sorts of things. Arthritus, Chronic Cough and Flu, toothache pain, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Cancer and many more.
Simply go buy some Cinnamon Sticks, Cinnamon Power (with NO MSG) and some Raw Uncooked Honey and make sure all are stored in a "Glass" container and not plastic.
Crumble one cinnamon stick by hand into Clean Coffee filter, sprinkle light layer of cinnamon powder and brew a full pot. Once done, poor one cup of cinnamon water into a glass cup and add 4-6 tablespoons of Honey and Enjoy!
If you have a high degree Fever drink 3 pots of this a day and I guarentee you will be cured of your Fever in no more then 48 hours.
God Bless!
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