Two Years Of Horrible, horrible chronic Hives
Walteroni posted:
I've read every bit of material on chronic hives and allergies on the Internet, as I bet most of you have as well.... Until I found celiac... That's right... All of a sudden I said "screw it why not".... Im hive free... I had to take a Zrytec every morning for a week or two... But now I am all good... What affected me the most? Beer... That's right, but I found out Budweiser, no not bud light or select or 55... Regular Bud contains less than 200 ppm of gluten per 12 oz.... I hope this helps y'all.. I still don't understand how it's possible... But apparently around age 25 I became a mild celiac overnight... I understand the journey might be challenging at first, but think of the alternative... Just Try It!! It works!!! I promise....
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