NoFear89 posted:
PATM sufferers, I am a 23 yo girl and have been suffering with this condition for over 7 years now. I know it is horrible, embarrassing and hard to live with. I'm constantly researching on the Internet for a cure, and have come across information on Candida. Although there are many several symptoms for Candida I believe you guys might have this condition. How do I know? Because I went to a GP who was hesitant to try any tests or give me information on Candida, as doctors are quite skeptical about it, but managed to get prescribed 'Nilstat/Nystatin' Which is an anti fungal treatment. I have been on this treatment for 1 week and 3 days now, and started a strict Candida diet, no sugar, dairy, fruit, pork, wheat, yeast, chemicals, carbs, alcohol, antibiotics etc, 5 days ago. I definitely have this condition, as I have been experiencing the side effects, which are known as'Candida die off', which is a good sign because it shows the Candida is reacting to the treatment. I also saw this Candida/Fungi pass out when I went to the toilet. Please research Candida and see a GP, a good one preferably. Trust me, this could be the CURE!!!
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