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Bean Allergy Tips
markpierce96 posted:
I am 35 yrs old and have had a very potent bean/pea allergy my entire life. I have never been to a doctor about it or kept an epi-pen near. I have learned to adapt to this allergy simply by eliminating certain things from my diet over time. (I would recommend seeing a Dr. and not learning the hard way.) My allergy is so serious that I cannot be inside a home as pinto beans or black eyes peas are cooking. The fumes alone will cause a reaction. Beans/Peas make my lips swell, inside of my mouth tingle/burn, eyes water and swell, and on occasion my nose and face will swell quite unrecognizable. My throat will swell to the point that I cannot breathe. Other affects have caused hives that swell in places on my head, and severe diarrhea. Over time I have learned that little green peas and string beans that are cooked in dishes such as pot pies, stir fry/hibachi, casseroles do not affect me at all. Lima, Pinto, Butter, Red Beans all cause immediate reactions as well as stronger peas. I have also experienced problems with many dips, and sometimes even the cheap off brand fish sticks and hamburger patties that come frozen. Oddly enough my symptoms become more severe on hot summer days as opposed to cold winter. Red hot dog weenies cause the same reaction as well. Overall, I have adapted to eating on a diet of things I know are safe, and rarely eat at buffets were beans are on the back side of other foods (where servings can be dripped over other food.) I now have very mild reactions maybe once or twice a year, and my allergy has become something mostly of the past. There are things I have found that will relieve my pain/swelling: Benadryl always works, Ice Cream (throat), Ice packs on the face, Dermoplast for the hives (itching.) However, if there is a swelling of the throat I go to the ER immediately. A child will know immediately if he is affected by this allergy as one symptom always comes first......a burning sensation in the mouth/lips. The inside of my mouth will become very hot and irritated. Tell your child to notify you if he/she EVER feels this, and take immediate action with ice and benedryl.
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