Relief from Delayed Pressure Urticaria!
nlcat3 posted:
Hi, thought I would chime in to let you know I have just had 6 weeks of NO flare-ups. Bear in mind that I have suffered for over 10 years and get at least one every couple of weeks. The only time I went into 'remission' was during my pregnancy for some hormonal reason I guess. It came back immediately with a vengeance once my daughter was born. Six weeks ago I started taking IMMUNACE Extra Protection (by Vitabotics). It contains high levels of vitamin D3 which many DPU sufferers severely lack. None of the usual over-the-counter products will match this one. I have felt good for 6 weeks in a row and have even put myself to the test by lounging on hard surfaces, wearing heeled shoes and belts (these activities would normally guarantee a couple of debilitating days), but NOTHING! The only difference is taking those vitamins. Long may it last.........
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