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To those that have the problem of being itchy
jcollier87 posted:
Hey there, i am justin. I have had similar problems to most of you. i feel all of your itchies dont worry. just dont come over to my house unless you take a shower lol, KIDDING! so heres what ive discovered about every kind of mite, even bedbugs or fleas and hope this will help you guys get relief. you may ask urself why me? why did i get itchy but you are not alone. lets just face it, we live in a world that uses up more and more energy, and electricity, now were using mercury bulbs. Led tvs and electronic devices are getting more advanced, to get to my point.... first things first, accept reality for the way it is. i was seriously itchy last night, now im not. some nights im itchy some nights nothing bothers me but more and more its improving. before you go around anybody, get tea tree oil and rub it on your skin and private areas. some people may not to be allergic to things like that that people like you and i are. if you go to school, even a classroom, you can bring it with you and it can just hang out in the class room or studio, and wait for you to come back and haunt you. from personal expierence i have found what works and what will make the itchies stay away from you. Take this seriously. Get cheap new shoes. dont go out in public and come back walking in the house with them you will multiply them. make sure you always do your laundry and use the lease amount of detergent, even for sensative skin. take showers without soap or shampoo and get tons of towels as you will constantly take a shower every day thats so how you cant take it. when you dont sweep out your bed, they multiply. sweep off the pillow, and sheets and wash them once a week. use tiny bits of detergent and liquid laundry softener. CERTIAN additives that are in soaps can and will make your life a living hell. do not use anything but germ sanatiser. get soap for sensative skin even laundry soap. make sure there is no static electry and a low emf feild because you get zapped by them. at night use as less energy as possible in ur home. FOR SOME REASON, when i follow those steps, they run far away from me and take cover when im around, in certian areas, they will adapt to it and chill there waiting for you to walk by so they can board you and take a vacation on ur clothes. they love cloth. GET LEMONGRASS sages from INDIA. if they smell it on u they run. if you see it they run because they know u see it. it has been weird that im not very itchy, but sometimes i will go to the studio and walk outside and see it around, it just flys away from me instead of attacking my clothes. i see less and less blask or white specs on me every day now that im taking it seriously. ALSO, dont overclean your home. overclean will also hurt you as certian lysols will be harmful to you. the key is to make the air as natural as possible, and get the best airflow around you as possible. do not leave things sitting around because bacteria will bloom and allow whatever the itchies are to reproduce. I SEE IT HAPPEN. you all may think im crazy but im not. just an ordinary guy. THERE ARE FEW that see it. those that see it can have the chance to take action. DONT give up, just clean everything once a week, even ur garage, car and dont feed them with additives. Some people have it and they dont even know they have it and wonder why they get colds and sore throats, lesions on their buttox, and so forth. but now that im cleaning, im feeling relief. god bless you. remember, get something natural for ur homes like a waterfall stand or fish tank as if it sees it it can possible run from it. im going to get a waterful display and hope it will hang out around there and leave me alone.
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