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mrslee97658 posted:
Usually it is so easy for me to get knocked up lol but it seems the more we actually try as opposed to just not thinking about it the harder it is to actually conceive. I am officially on C3 CD2 since my m/c in August. I am getting frustrated though cuz I thought I was pregnant again this month. I had all of the symptoms but it just turned out to be symptoms of PMS ( I even had what I thought was morning sickness, and I got sick a couple of times I want to use OPK's but I don't think DH is up for that cuz I think he feels it will happen when the time is right. But I would like to know if I am even ovulating? KWIM?
(Me)Ruth (26), DH Steve (42), DS1 Tavion(10),DD Shakayla(7),DS2 Brandon(4), DS3 Kobie(3) and m/c 8/21/10 hoping to ttc again soon.
stephs_3_kidz responded:
Is this the first month you TTC since your miscarriage?

Don't feel discouraged, even people who can obviously have children can still under normal circumstances take up to a year to get pregnant before getting concerned.

Did you explain to DH that the OPKs only tell you IF you are ovulating? Maybe will give you some peace of mind if nothing else?

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