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    HELLO! and What Would You Do?
    Wailea2005 posted:
    Hi everyone, I used to be on the 'old' webmd message boards when we were TTC DD#1... she is now 3, and I also have an almost 2 year old boy. We want to have baby #3 at some point soon. If we start TTC this month and we got very LUCKY, baby #3 would have an early Dec due date.. my DD was born Dec 13th and my DS is March 11th. Would you try and space out the birth dates, so there aren't 2 in Dec? Do you think that would be too hard around Christmas time? What would you do? Thanks for your opinions! Oh yeah, and also we BD at O time the last month and unfortunately, it did not work. Thanks for your Reply!
    Krys(33)DH(30)DD(2.5YO)DS(15months).. getting ready to try for our 3rd and final!
    IslandL responded:
    Hi Wailea.

    Personally? I don't think December is the ideal birth month because of Christmas, the expense, and all the busyness that surrounds preparing and celebrating the holiday. I think sometimes who have b'days close to Christmas end up feeling a little short changed in terms of attention, parties, presents. On the other hand, there may be more family around to celebrate, and a combo birthday/holiday party could go over well.

    The real job is just to make each child feel special on their birthday whenever it falls.
    mrslee97658 responded:
    I have a son who was born 3 weeks before Christmas and his birthday worked out perfectly as far as parties, etc....but then my sister had her daughter on christmas day and her sil had her son christmas eve. That was fine at first, but when my niece turned one they decided it was best to combine the parties around my son's birthday. I really wish they would do it like the week before xmas but its her choice. All I am saying is that my son doesn't get the attention around his birthday like he used too.
    (Me)Ruth (27), DH Steve (42), DS1 Tavion(10),DD Shakayla(8),DS2 Brandon(4), DS3 Kobie(3) and m/c 8/21/10 hoping to ttc again soon.
    stephs_3_kidz responded:
    I have a daughter whose bday is December 26. We always separate her bday completely from Christmas. No Christmas paper, nothing related to Christmas.

    However, I don't see how it is that big of a deal having kids whose birthdays are that close to Christmas. I guess I'm not one who worries about that kind of thing, re:parties and such, just as long as I have that baby.

    And really, there's no guarantee that you'd get pregnant just right off the bat date of conception was estimated to be 3/15, and my baby was born at the end of

    If you want the baby, the important thing is getting pregnant with and giving birth to a healthy, happy little one......I'm not sure that I understand the desire to "schedule", as it may be, when your baby is born. Most people that I know are just happy to GET pregnant, and aren't really worried about all that other stuff.

    This is JMHO, of course.
    IslandL replied to stephs_3_kidz's response:
    I rather like the idea of "scheduling", better than " not quite planned" which was the case with my son - lol!!!!

    I only had him and he was born in Oct. I always thought if I had another child I would try to plan it so that I wasn't in my "big" months June through Sept. in South Florida. Too hot.

    Any month a good month, but.. it's still interesting to think about it.
    stephs_3_kidz replied to IslandL's response:
    That HAD to be miserable!! I went through the summer with an October baby, and a December baby, and then Jake was born in July. My first was "easy"..born in May.

    I didn't intend to come across as so harsh, so I apologize to the OP for that..but I know that there are some who are so desperate for a baby and aren't having any luck. So I guess my stance is, if you want to have a baby, birthday parties aren't the biggest thing to consider. KWIM? Some people would LOVE to have a baby....any time of the year...
    IslandL replied to stephs_3_kidz's response:
    Since she already has two, I'm sure she understands.

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