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Im trying to conceive
mgeisler posted:
First i'll start by introducing myself. I'm a 29 year old homemaker. My husband is active duty. We have two girls and are trying for a boy. With the other pregnancies they weren't as planned as this one. My question is when you have light brown spotting would you consider that your first day of your period? I've read yes and also read no the first actual day is the day you have an active flow. It's frustrating cause i'm trying to calculate ovaulation and can't accuretly do so without knowing the correct answer.
butterfly19790424 responded:
Brown spotting is usually old blood. I normally count it as the first day if I have red blood shortly after. Normally, the red comes hours later. If not, I count the first day I see red.

I hope that helps!
ImMe26 responded:
If your period is really regular its pretty easy to predict your OV times....

There are some really good calendars online. One I used was . You enter some info and then it calculates it for you.

I practiced the "Rythm method" for years, as I couldnt take BC at all, no pills or just made me too sick. So I would chart my "safe days" and not have sex for atleast 5dys a month during OV week, just to make sure, cause sperm can live up to 72hrs after you have sex.....

I say look at a couple websites and there are tools to help you..

Hope that helps!
mgeisler replied to butterfly19790424's response:
Thank you. It does help.
Monica G
mgeisler replied to ImMe26's response:
Thanks so much. I'll check your site out and a few more.
Monica G
mgeisler replied to butterfly19790424's response:
Thank you!
Monica G

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