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Effects of medication on sperm
An_253959 posted:
HI everyone,
Myself and my partner lost our baby boy 4 months ago (TFMR). We are starting to think about trying again however my partner has just been prescribed antibiotics (by-mycin) and steroids (prednisolone) for an ongoing sinus infection. I have been trying to get us both as healthy as possible (I've been taking 5mg folic acid for the last 4 months, quit smoking and cutdown on alcohol)before we try again as I'm completely paranoid about anything affecting our babys development. I had hoped we could try again next month but now I'm worrying that the tablets my partner is taking could affect his sperm enough to risk possible birth defects for the baby? I know that studies have mainly concentrated on the woman and how the medication she takes can affect a baby but I'm finding conflicting reports on the internet about whether the man taking tablets can cause birth defects in the fetus. Does anyone have any knowledge on this or know anyone who does? I'm hoping to find out for sure if any medication my partner is taking could possibly cause birth defects if and when we conceive. I'm so nervous about trying again and I'm so fearful that it will happen again.
Thanks in advance.

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