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BabyLovesPrada posted:
I am very grateful that some others have made their way to this board. I confess that it is very hard to be excited and not talk non stop about how happy we are. My two best friends are both single, having men trouble and feel their biological clocks ticking and while I would NEVER say they are jealous of ME, they are definatly a little green that DH is so pumped about this. One of my BFF's boss was TTC for a few months and finally got KU' 8 weeks ago and BFF was complaining that TTC and getting preg was ALL she talked about and it was so annoying ......So I try not to bring it up, which makes me sad. Oh well
mrslee97658 responded:
I totally understand. (btw been lurking on here for a few weeks) DH and I are not yet trying but I get really excited about the possibility soon. I can't really talk about it with my family or friends because they just wouldn't understand. We have 2 boys together and I have a son and daughter from before we met. ( I have also suffered 2 losses) and DH has a son and daughter from his first marriage(they are adults now). So yeah needless to say we don't really "need" another child but we "want" something that we have always wanted and that is a daughter together. So we are going to TTC next year when our financial situation is a little better.(too many bills right now to even think about adding a hospital bill) We have insurance but of course its not covered 100%. But again I am rambling but yeah according to my family and friends we are done having kids, but boy will they be suprised if and when it happens again.
BabyLovesPrada replied to mrslee97658's response:
I am glad you quit lurking and finally dived in! Welcome!

I don't think anyone has the right to judge how many children a family has, provided they are able to care and provide for the children.

Good Luck to you and hope to hear more from you!!!!
mrslee97658 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
Well they never said anything but I pretty much have told family and friends that we were done because I thought we were. Then out of the blue Dh tells me he wants to try again for a girl but not until next year. So yeah its got me excited cuz I always wanted another daughter so mine could have a sister. If we have a boy we will be ok too cuz definitely after this one we will be done
jlbelknap35 responded:
Definatly understand, when i was pregnant with DS everyone was too so that was easy. this time I am going to be on my own. and TTC i dont really feel comfortable talking about that to anyone i know around here or my family bc i feel like that is my sex life and just not a comfortable subject to me. so we just suprize everyone when the time comes. but the boards give me someone to talk to and relate too. we have things in commen and its easier to say what we want. i am glad to see more people here bc it will make things better when questions are needed to be answered. Definatly glad to see some new faces.

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