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What are you doing to prepare?
mrslee97658 posted:
I have kind of mentally gotten prepared for ttc since we are not yet. We are getting prepared financially(that's the biggest hurdle right now). But there are other little things I have thought of since Feb could be here faster than I know it.

For one I would like to have both of my younger children pottytrained. Brandon is 4 and it has been a nightmare, he is almost fully trained during the day but no where near trained during the night. Kobie will be 3 next month and would like to start training but its hard to train 2 kids at once. Another thing is we have an extra twin bed that I would like to give to Brandon so that we can use his crib for the new baby but I don't think he would stay in bed at night as he can climb in and out of the crib. I know, he should have already been in a bigger bed but he and Kobie are small for their age: he only weighs 31 pounds and Kobie about 28. So those are the little things I'm doing now but what is everyone else doing?
mrslee97658 responded:
Oh and I also am trying to lose 20 lbs by exercising regulary. It sounds silly to me to do it just to gain it all back but I checked on the BMI calculator on webmd that I am a little overweight and I heard that could be a problem when ttc as far as ovulating so I'm trying for that reason
2briggerboys responded:
oh boy...potty was a nightmare for both of my boys too and we still aren't over it...both of my boys have problems at night...such heavy sleepers and have to wear 'nighttime pants' as well call them. Our pediatrician says that boys usually out grow this habit, but with my oldest going into 1st grade next school year, I really want him fully done.
But we are mentally preparing ourselves, I'm taking prenatal vitamins, eating more acidic foods, and I will be checking my pH levels to see what kind of environment I have 'down there'....again..really want a girl!
~life only deals you what you can handle~so bring on baby 3!
mrslee97658 replied to 2briggerboys's response:
Yeah we really want a girl too. I never heard of checking ph levels. It might be tmi but how do you do that? I heard that you shouldn't have an orgasm before him to create the acidic environment and also you can douche with a water/vinegar douche right before to create the acidic environment needed for the "girl" sperm.
jlbelknap35 responded:
Not really doing anything to prepare though i am debating about calling my docs this weeks to talk to him about a few things that are going on down there before i finish my last pills in the next few days.

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