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I slipped....
mrslee97658 posted:
I just couldn't stand being quiet anymore and I told my BFF that we were thinking about TTC in Feb. I even think I got her excited and maybe on the bandwagon to TTC then too! She has a son who will be 12 and she has twin girls who will turn 3 next April. She of course is scared of twins again but I think I would be scared too, since they were conceived without any medical help!
jlbelknap35 responded:
lol thats awsome. you will at least have someone else to talk to now. as for her having twins again and being scared about that i would reasure her that that is very unlikely unless she had ferternal twins. identical twins can happen to anyone and is actually just a mutation of the egg when it is dividing. instead of just dividing in its casing it completly splits is how you get identical. now ferternal twins are differnt bc that means that she ovulates 2 eggs at one time and that would put her at a higher rist of having twins or more again. that is awsome that you have someone else to talk to now and she is just as excited about it.

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