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3point14 posted:
I don't know why it's only now clicking but...y'all have only been married a year!? In the best way possible, from your posts it seems like it's been way longer than that, just the love and familiarity you have with him...Wow.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! How did you guys meet, if I may ask?
BabyLovesPrada responded:
Yeah, it was actually a year in April (when we got married at my dad's house 2 weeks before he died) but our "wedding" was on June 13th, due to trying to avoid family drama we did not tell anyone about gettin married at dad's, he was so sick at that point that he did not like having ANYONE in his house and we knew everyone would insist on being there.

So anyway, Marc and I have been together for 6 years now, and although we are FAR from perfect, we work somehow : )

We never realized that we had SO many friends in common and really should have met years earlier, its funny, had we not crossed paths on a particular day, I am not sure we would have ever met! we were both volunteering, I was 4 mos out from my divorce and just plain miserable and engaging in self destructive behaviors (drinking, herbal, one nighters) and my roomate had literally dragged me out of the house, she was sick of me feeling sorry for myself, he was volunteering because the team he played on did some charity work each season. I was IMMEDIATLY drawn to how freakin HOT he was, he came over and said hi, after talking for a bit, my roommat came over and as I was about to introduce her, she was all Hi Marc and he was all Hey B, and I was like what?!?!? turns out she had known him forever and I kinda think she knew he would be there and yada yada and we have been inseperable ever since : )
3point14 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
That is so sweet! hehehe True destiny
BabyLovesPrada replied to 3point14's response:
Me thinks so

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