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boo :-(
jlbelknap35 posted:
Well I guess I am not going to be starting to TTC this month . My husband and I have decided to wait till October when we find out when we are going to be moving and a few other things... mainly my husbands decision though. But at least I am off the BCP I was on that was making me really irritable and on to something new. I was able to get into the docs today and get that changed. Is it bad that I am secretly hoping that the change of birthcontrols will cause a pregnancy? lol Well I guess I'll be starting the birthcontrol countdown all over again . BOOOO !!!!
mrslee97658 responded:
Aww sorry Jessica but its ok you can still hang out with us ..and no its not bad to wish for a pregnancy. Four months will go by really fast. I'm still freaking out cuz I stopped taking my pills but AF helps that a little lol at least I know it didn't happen yet lol.
jlbelknap35 replied to mrslee97658's response:
Ya I hope it does go by fast. I just hate waiting. Not big on countdowns, I go through way to many of them with my husband in the millitary . Plus I was so excited about this being the month and then had to start all over again . lol ya AF is a good thing if you arent wanting it yet. I will admit though my husband asked if the doctor sayed anything about changing pills and I did tell the truth when i sayed no but I know what he ment lol. He ment if we needed to use extra pertection for a little bit. Oh well maybe I will get lucky and the switch between the pills wont work or maybe the new pills just wont work lol .

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