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Need opinions....
mrslee97658 posted:
So I started AF a little early, one day before it was supposed to start but its really light and I don't know if I count that as day 1 (and it started close to 11 pm) So do I count the 15th as day one or go ahead with today the 16th. If I start counting on the 15th its going to throw my cycle of and I won't know when I am supposed to ovulate. We are not charting I would just like a general idea about when I start the next AF. I guess I can't really call that my "true" period date anyway since it was still hormonally induced. Man this TTC stuff is confusing lol....I remember when I was younger just waiting for my period every month and now I have no idea when that will really be lol...I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I know that when my cycles do come back I am pretty regular though so we will see.
jlbelknap35 responded:
I so wish I could help but I really know nothing about that stuff. I probly would go ahead and count it as the 16th sense you are barly spotting. but I dont try to figure that stuff out bc I dont like knowing bc I think I might jenks myself or something into not getting pregnant off the bat. With my son we got pregnant first cycle off the pill and all we did was have sex at least once a day if not more (some people call it the rabbit method lol). I figure that when we actually start TTC then we will do the same. Less confusing too LOL. Sorry I couldnt be much of a help but good luck!
ImMe26 replied to jlbelknap35's response:
Your best bet it to get thru a cycle or two first,if your just coming off of birth control and been on it for awhile ,it may take a few months to get the hormones in line again and be "regular".....

Also you have an actual 5day window to concieve when your ovulating...even though "true" ovulation on last a couple of hours...for instance...

If I had a period the first of this month...(6/1-6/4) I start counting the first as day one and so on.....til around 14dys out....but i go back a day or two and two days after between days 12-16***id be getting down**sort to

I also found a tool that helps,it also kinda meant that you can try to suggest the sex of the baby depending on conception...(kinda walk a thin line on this one,but it does hold some merit)

Its called ""......its a free site that offers all kinds of charts and advice....

hope this helps!!!

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