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ImMe26 posted:
Okay so Im already a mother of 3, with my tubes tied. Recently I was thinking how much I actually regret doing it....

Well .....

Here I sit with no AF and its over a week late, I know its a good chance Im jsut stressed or whatever,but Ive never ever was late on a period unless I was preggo...but let me say Ive had my tubes tied for 3yrs ,still to new for their to be complications or mishaps....or so Ive read...right?

Im not going to take a test im going to wait til after Mon...and then go to the dr's ....If I am it wont be a good turnout anyways,as it will probably not be a viable pregnancy...and require surgery...

Ugh...always something with me.....

More of a "soft" vent than question...thanks for all who follow
stephs_3_kidz responded:
Why not just take a test? I used to buy them for $1 at Dollar Tree and pee to my heart's content.

It will make you stop wondering and give you some peace of mind, if nothing else. ((((HUGS))))

I have an aunt who had her tubes tied and her husband had a vasectomy and they STILL had a baby. Eeeeek! (Of course that was in the 60s so who knows).
ImMe26 replied to stephs_3_kidz's response:

I think Im saying im not going to buy a test cause I dont want to if by some wild and crazy chance I am...I want to have an immediate plan right away if I have to have surgery...Id probably have a complete panic attack if I am...SERIOUSLY..I SHOULD BE IN A MEDICAL OFFICE WHEN THAT HAPPENS..LOL

Seriously im going to buy on when I get off and the dollar tree ones are the only ones Ive ever used as well...

Thanks Steph...

Please Please Please be good news!!!!!!!

P.s if my tubes werent tied id be happy...but because of that these situations usually end up not so good.. ;O(
mrslee97658 replied to ImMe26's response:
Well I hope you take a test just for peace of mind. (BTW this is really making me nervous too, since that's the plan for us whenever we have the next baby, me getting my tubes tied right after) I can't imagine it reversing on its own and me turning out to be Mrs. Duggar lol cuz I just keep popping out kids lol. ( I would proly start using birth control again after it happened the first time lol) I hope you can find out what is causing your missed period. GL
ImMe26 replied to mrslee97658's response:
Thanks for the replies ladies.

I'ts now day 8 with no sign of a period or my normal syptoms...and yesterday I also noticed (dont know if its relivant to this)that I have this weird sensation round my left elbow. Several times yesterday I kept thinking a bug or something must be crawling on my arm,cause it felt like that kind of sensation,but nothing was ever happened all night and still happenning this morning...VERY WEIRD...The period thing ,im handling that by getting a dollar test tonight...whatever the results im going to make a Dr's appt. Also for the elbow thing if it persist.

Thanks All..
BabyLovesPrada replied to ImMe26's response:
Well?!?!?!? I was gone, did you take a test?!?!?!?
ImMe26 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:

Getting ready to go do that now...Im going to buy two dollar ones...(just cause their a dollar) for now cuz I cant wait and curiousity is killing me with ,"whats up"....and then if "No" still I'll retest in the morning ,using first morning pee......

I went ahead and made an apponitment..need a "lady" appointment anyways...its on my SO's bday next week...but if for some "CRAZY.CRAZY.CRAZY" reason its "POSITIVE"..ill be on my way to the emergency room probably....scary...just cause it could cause me nig problems if in my tubes...


Ill update on this situation,when I can...."Im just so confused"
BabyLovesPrada replied to ImMe26's response:
Well let us know, I am sure we will all be thinking of you today in our thoughts and prayers.
ImMe26 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
Okay so I just took the first one and it was "Negative"...soooooo thats good news....taking other one in the morning and then I have a Dr appt on the 29th.....Im so darn confused as to why?...whats going on?...all very good questions for my dr....

Thanks for the replies guys!!!
BabyLovesPrada replied to ImMe26's response:
thanks for the update! I am sure you are just stressed out or something!!!!!

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