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Maternity clothes on CL, BEWARE!!!!
BabyLovesPrada posted:
Ok, so I saw some maternity clothes on CL and they were all Gap and old Navy and motherhood, it was 30 pieces total for 85 bucks!!!! I was like SCORE! 3 pairs of dark denim jeans, work clothes, dresses you name it.

Well long story short, I contacted the person who posted and within 15 minutes I had 11 emails from her and knew she had 2 kids and what hr spouse did and how she has no friends cuz she just moved and then I made the joke that DH would be coming with me (no that is not the joke) but he insisted because you never know, someone could say they are a 30 year old female when they are really a 55 year old man with a dungeon in his basement...LOL, (that was the joke)

So this where it gets weird....she sent me a picture of her basement....and a wedding picture...and a picture of each of her kids.... ok, I guess there was no dungeon, but still? at this point in time, she knows my name is Lyndee and that is it, so I started to feel a little weird and asked her how tall she was and WHEW she said 5'6 and I was like Oh I am sorry, i am 5'10 flat footed and always wear heels...I got like 4 emails in quick succession that basically she wasnt doing this for the money and that it didnt matter but the clothes were so cute that she wanted them to go to a cool person and she could totally tell I was.......Um ok, I mean I AM a cool person, but it was weird she has talked to me for a 1/2 an hour via email, so I shot her an email back and was like its an hour and a half round trip and I don't think they are gonna fit and I was sorry I wasted her time and i was sure one of the other people she got an email from would be a good fit, so then she emails me back:

No worries, I totally understand, esp the part about stuff not fitting, too
bad I don't still live in Worcester we could have been great friends, although I really don't miss driving
home 35 minutes from work--lol! Good luck with everything and take care!

Hugs and Kisses?!?!?!? Hello?!?!?!?! XOXO?!?!?!?

OMG my friend was laughing and told me I had a stalker now, I just feel bad, she is obviously lonely, oh well.
kristinmarie722 responded:
That is a funny story!

Um no thanks to the clothes or friendship!
BabyLovesPrada replied to kristinmarie722's response:
LOL, I know, my friend was like "you ahve a stalker?!?!?! that is so f_____ cool!" LOL
4cats1dog responded:

the xoxo is the best part!!!
but, yeah, a bit creepy.
One person I bought stuff from on craigslist gave me wrong directions to her house, but the right address. ended up looking up myself & thought, 'how do you not know how to get to your own house?' or did you not actually want me to come buy the stuff? Oh, well, just don't get some people.
BabyLovesPrada replied to 4cats1dog's response:
'how do you not know how to get to your own house


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