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Whats easier?
BabyLovesPrada posted:
Whether it is what you have heard or what you personally know,

what is easier? a boy or a girl?

What about spacing of ages? Is it easiser to have children born closely together? or further apart?
BabyLovesPrada responded:
what is easier? a boy or a girl? I have heard boys are much easier, but all the boys I know are super hyper, so I am not sure

What about spacing of ages? Is it easiser to have children born closely together? or further apart? I think closer in age is good because they can play together and be closer emotionally, but then again you are buying twice as many diapers!
ImMe26 replied to BabyLovesPrada's response:
I think boys are easier, mine isnt hyper and he is super smart and very quick....

My first two daughters I had 16mths apart , and it was super hard,but then again I was too young. Now they are 9-10yrs old and Im very happen they are so close in age. They are best friends, like me and my sister...but as different as night and day...
mrslee97658 responded:
I think boys are easier, I have 3 and even though they are rough and tumble they listen better. Now if you ask me which are easier to potty train it will definitely have to be girls! But that never changed my mind on still wanting another girl, and with my experience girls are easier babies, then they grow into trouble as far as spacing my first 3 are each 3-4 years apart which was easy cuz then I had someone to "help" per say but I think it was easier to have the younger 2 closer together they are 15 months apart and it was pretty easy when they were little. I have no idea what's going to happen though in the future with 5 kids though lol....that might get pretty hairy...might have to put some of the boys outside....jk
wwilson89 responded:
I've heard boys are easier, but it just depends on what you can handle. Boys are more energy, but girls are drama, drama, drama. Also, with a boy, I only have to worry about one penis. With a girl, I have to worry about all of them!

I will say that I always wanted a boy, and as soon as I found out I was pregnant, I knew Dre was a boy in my heart and I was so elated when we got the ultrasound confirmation. If I had a girl, and she was anything like me, I'd be in trouble. I don't know that I want anymore kiddos (heck, I didn't want Dre! He was an uh-oh baby, but I wouldn't give him back for anything ) so I'm glad DB has a little girl. She's 5 and such a sweetheart! I took her shopping and I LOVED it. I'm glad she's a girly girl, and loves helping in the kitchen. She's perfect.

As far as age, my sister and I are 26 months about and super close. She's my best friend. I'd love that for Dre, but we have no business bringing anymore kids into the world knowing we can't afford them, and I'm working on changing careers so it'd get in the way of school. My OB/GYN though thinks I should have another asap. She saw Dre and fell in love and said, "Oh Wanda, you have to have another one right now!" Yeah, how about no... On a serious note, she was telling me, many doctors recommend having another baby 18 months to 5 years after having one. She said around 18 months because your body has fully recuperated and over 5 years, the age difference gets in the way of them being really, really close.
jemms responded:
I've always heard that boys were easier, but I think that's more when they get older. I think boys are harder when they are young because they have so much energy but easier when they become teenagers where as girls tend to be easier when they are young but more difficult when their PP said, girls tend to be more about the drama!

As far as spacing, I'm not sure, that's where my dilemma comes in"026I don't know when to have my next one, since I do want the close in age so they can be more emotionally there for one another
wwilson89 replied to jemms's response:
Jemms, is that your baby? She's so cute! She looks like a model baby, like she should be selling Children's Place clothes or Gerber.

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